Mfg of Solder wire, Lead tin anodes and Zinc alloy

Chrome Plating Anodes

Rathoure Metal & Smelting is one of the leading manufacturers in India of Chrome Plating Anodes. Our lead-tin anode for chrome plating is available with 7% antimony and 93% lead, with 7% tin and 93% Lead, with 10% tin and 90% lead. Our chrome plating anodes are produced on our high-weight expulsion line, giving a high caliber and dependable chrome plating anode.

The function of anodes in any plating solution is to provide the path for the current out of the solution and to replenish the metal ions. It is therefore absolutely that the plating anodes are of the highest purity to ensure free and uniform dissolution over a wide range of plating conditions, high conductivity, and tendency to disintegrate or polarize and passivity.

The different types of electroplating anodes are being manufactured and are available as per customer’s requirements. Anode bars are made in round, double hook, zigzag; u-shaped and folded profiles, and are accessible as strong bars, or with focal copper, mellow steel, or tempered steel centers.

We can likewise make chrome plating tube anodes and waffle/lattice type anodes to your determination. We fabricate a scope of standard snare designs, to suit any estimate or style transport bar, with plastisol protection as standard, in spite of the fact that snares can be left uncovered on solicitation. Snares can be tweaked to suit, with choices of copper or metal material, lifting carries/holders, and different catapulting alternatives.

The anode surface remaining parts splendid during the plating cycle and resolves uniformly into the plating arrangement, bringing about low sludge production precipitation. We are a chrome plating anode manufacturer in India and we can provide shapes as per the customer’s requirement.

Lead Tin Anode produced at our plant is utilized in different Chrome Plating Plants in India and furthermore sent out to different nations like Sri Lanka, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and so on.