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No Clean Liquid Soldering Flux

No-clean Liquid Flux is designed for both tin-lead & lead-free wave soldering. It contains low solid contents including modified resin and organic activator to
improve solder-ability and reduce flux residue.

No Clean Flux 0% Soldering Liquid Flux has been designed for use in the electronic industry to improve effectiveness in dip and wave soldering of conventional PCB assemblies.

Applying Method: Foam, Spray and Wave methods. 

Physical Properties & Reliability: Store in a cool place and tighten the cap.

Data Storage: Do not expose to sunlight or heat source.

Shelf-Life Indication : 12 Months from the Date of manufacturing.


Safety Indication

The flux must not be used near open flames or near non-flameproof electrical equipment.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet as the primary source of health and safety information.

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