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Zinc Sacrificial Anodes

We at RATHOURE METAL & SMELTING are manufacturing of different types of zinc sacrificial anodes.

Sacrificial anodes are made up of Aluminium, Zinc ,Magnesium. The shape of the anode can be decided on the basis of factors such as the shape of the equipment or part to be protected; space accessibility and installation ease; openness of various shapes in various conditions. Anodes can be fitted to the equipment to be protected by different methods like by bolting , welding or using brackets or ties.

We have Zinc Anodes available in a range of designs which are specifically crafted to offer different conductive properties and connection options to suit particular types of structures. Hull anodes are designed to flush mount against the hulls of ships, tanks via built in steel straps. Anodes can be manufactured with many different core and attachment types.


Zinc sacrificial Anodes are used to protect a wide range of metallic structures in various environments. Common applications are, steel water or fuel pipelines and storage tanks such as home water heaters , steel pier piles as well as boat, ship and submarine hulls along with seawater sides of condensers and other heat exchangers. All Zinc Anodes are available for Government use with full certification as well as for Industrial use.

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