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Lead Antimony Anodes

Lead Antimony Anodes

LEAD Antimony ANODE for Chromium Plating (IS: 2606-1987) :

  • With 7% Antimony and 93% Lead for conventional Chromic Acid plating bath.
  • With 7% Tin & 93% Lead for S.R.H.S. Chrome Salt & Bright Chrome Salt (PropriatorySalts).
  • With 10% Tin-90% Lead for use in Special Processing Solutions

Lead antimony Anodes are Available in various shape and sizes :

1. Round Shape lead Tin Anode
2. Double Hook lead Tin Anode
3. ZigZag Lead Tin Anode
4. U shaped Lead Tin Anode

All the above anodes contain Electrolytic copper Hook as per the requirement and anodes are PVC coated.

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