Mfg of Solder wire, Lead tin anodes and Zinc alloy


Zamak is the commercial name for a Zinc base alloys . Zamak is composed of Zinc, Aluminium , Magnesium and Copper. Limits are set for the amount of alloying elements, aluminium, copper and magnesium, and the impurities iron, tin, lead, cadmium, thallium and indium, since all these latter elements increase the alloys susceptibility to intercrytalline corrosion. The most common Zamak alloy is Zamak3 , but Zamak5 and Zamak7 are commercially used. We are well recognized for our excellent Zinc Casting & Zinc Alloys. Zinc Alloys are used because these have good ductile and malleability properties.

Alloys of Zinc have three uses :

  • Die Casting
  • Wrought Applications
  • Automotive products

In Zinc alloys production we use 99.99% Virgin Zinc metal to avoid the Zinc Pest in Zinc die casting. No Recycled Zinc is used in the production of Zinc alloys. We are renowned manufacturer of premium Quality of Zinc Alloy in various dimensions and according to users requirement.

Our customers are highly satisfied with premium Quality of our products.

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