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Lead Tin Anode

Lead Tin Anodes

We are a professionally managed organization manufacturing and exporting a wide range of high quality anodes made from premium quality of metals and alloys. We have expertise in sourcing much industrial input to cater the various requirements of our buyers. We deliver these electrochemical components at reasonable price within a short time frame.


LEAD TIN ANODE for Chromium Plating (IS: 2606-1987) :

A. With 7% Antimony and 93% Lead for conventional Chromic Acid plating bath.
B. With 7% Tin & 93% Lead for S.R.H.S. Chrome Salt & Bright Chrome Salt (PropriatorySalts).
C. With 10% Tin-90% Lead for use in Special Processing Solutions.

Construction of Anode with 10% Tin & 90% Lead in round shape only with smooth finish – without porosity by centrifugal force system.

The life of anodes will be substantially higher than containing 7% Tin- 93% Lead without damages to cooling coil & processing tank. Sizes: Shapes as per customer’s requirement.

Lead Tin Anodes are Available in various shape and sizes :

  1. U shaped Lead Tin Anode
  2. Round lead Tin Anode
  3. Lead Wire
  4. Hollow Confirming Chrome Plating Anode
  5. Flat Lead Tin Anode
  6. Corrugated Shape Lead Tin Anode
  7. Chrome Plating Anodes

U Shape Lead Tin Anode

Round Lead Tin Anode

Lead Wire

Hollow Confirming Chrome Plating Anode

Flat Lead Tin Anode

Corrugated Shape Lead Tin Anode

Chrome Plating Anodes

All the above anodes contain Electrolytic copper Hook as per the requirement and anodes are PVC coated.

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