Mfg of Solder wire, Lead tin anodes and Zinc alloy

Chrome Plating Anodes

Rathoure Metal & Smelting is one of the leading manufacturers in India of Chrome Plating Anodes. Our lead-tin anode for chrome plating is available with 7% antimony and 93% lead, with 7% tin and 93% Lead, with 10% tin and 90% lead. Our chrome plating anodes are produced on our high-weight expulsion line, giving a […]

Solder Wire Manufacturers

Soldering is a joining process used to join different metals by melting solder. Solder is a metal alloy that is usually made up of tin and lead which is melted using a hot iron. The iron is heated to temperature above 600F, which then cools to create a strong electrical bond. Solder is sold in […]